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There are numerous ways to get your horoscope delivered to your mobile device or smartphone, often for free. With a horoscope subscription service, for example, you will receive regularly updated horoscopes sent via email or text message.

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A horoscope app, on the other hand, displays your forecast whenever you launch the app. You can even opt to get your horoscope to appear every day in your Facebook, Twitter or other social media news feed. If you prefer to receive content via email or text message, there are a variety of horoscope subscription services that will use those methods to send you a daily horoscope. You can sign up for these services on the Web. Submit your birth date and your email address to Astrocenter or Horoscope. AstroSage, on the other hand, sends your free horoscope, dainik rashiphal and daily prediction via SMS short message service, or text message , with subscriptions initiated on the site or from your mobile phone.

You use apps to play games, read your email and keep up with your favorite television shows -- and if you're seeking a daily or weekly horoscope as well, there's an app for that. The Horoscope app, for example, displays complete horoscopes -- for today, tomorrow, the week, the month and the year -- and is available for Android and iOS devices.

If you prefer a non-astrological forecast, try the Numerology app for a prediction based on numbers or the Tarot Reading app for a daily personalized card reading. Similar to a horoscope app installed on your mobile device, you can use the Daily Horoscope Facebook app -- which is essentially "installed" to your Facebook profile -- to receive your daily forecast. Use your computer browser to log into your Facebook account and enter "Daily Horoscope" in the search bar at the top of any page.

Select the Daily Horoscope app and approve access to your profile. Then, simply launch Facebook Mobile on your mobile device to read your horoscope as it is posted both to your wall and your Facebook news feed. As for love, just keep doing what you're doing there, too. There will be big payoffs soon. Leo, you've exhibited great patience over the last months, from love to your career. May will reward you greatly on both fronts and you'll feel a jolt in your step, especially with summer just around the corner.

Summer is truly your season; surprisingly it's when you speed up, rather than slow down. Take a long afternoon this month to write down all the big things you still want in red ink. Fold that list nine times toward you and keep it on you as you run about. Remember that. Some quasi-bad news towards the end of last month has left you a bit uneasy and weary.


This month it really is time to move on from all these concerns, in whatever ways this means. Perhaps you do need to get away, by yourself, to a place that makes you feel most happy and productive. You should use the time away to think through your goals for the future, particularly the long-term future.

Whoever makes you feel that way is the person to keep close. This may mean making some new friends, if necessary. In terms of work, keep at your long-term projects. There is a bright future in store for you, as long as you stay on the path that makes you feel most whole. Many of your understated and romantic sensibilities have preoccupied you lately.

It will continue to grow and also fuel your work life, and the ideas you put forth there. May is a month of real self-awareness for you. Continue to be intentional and resolute. You are thriving in terms of your career and love life. People around you may remark just how far you've come from even just a year ago. You, too, will be noticing the vast amount of progress you've made since you last took stock of where you were.

Career-wise, there will be some new advancements in store soon, so it's important just to stick around and keep at it. As for your love life, levels of commitment will continue to progress and that's a good thing. Still, there will be a nagging feeling that you are not feeling as happy in your love life as you could be.

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If you are in a committed relationship, you might need to exercise your right to do a little flirtation. This month you will want to say many things that will ruffle feathers, and particularly with the people around you. Be forthright and honest—even if you risk offending people.

You can often be accused of being blunt or rude, but this has less to do with you and more to do with others. Remember that you have always gone after what you want. Remember that you are the archer and there is a great emphasis on action, in all aspects of your life. Action is what drives you, intellectually and romantically, too.

You are ruled by Jupiter, the luckiest planet of them all. You are feeling some push this month to use your powers of persuasion for good.


This may mean using your ability to talk people into almost anything toward an important cause or goal. This is a great use of your skills, as it allows your intensity to be put into a purposeful place—and without a purpose, you can be known to obsess about unproductive things. This time will in fact be a time of great growth.

In terms of love, there are definitely some things about your relationship that you've been feeling for a while, and feeling a need to express. Write a love letter to yourself and work out your thoughts in a truly safe space. This will help you sort out your feelings and also will lend some air into your relationships with others.

Everything in your life will feel very windy. May will be a difficult month in terms of clarity, so try not making any big decisions in terms of your career or love.

The goal is to endure it and to give yourself enough support and space around you for the very real questions you have about the future. You're not someone who reaches out to friends easily, especially when it comes to your needs, but this month is a good time to see people a little bit more. Just being around them will help you. Toward the end of the month you will see an opening at work and propose a way of looking at a problem that only your exacting insight can suggest.