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Star 5 Star 5. I am in this profession for last 15 years n my charges are for one session. Show more. Mehta And Co astrologer - 3. Filing Income Tax Return of all type of assessees maintaining accounts Show more. Shri Bhavani Mata Astro Centre astrologer - 2. Every Aspects of Humans Life. Jyotishdham astrologer - 4. Astrologer with rich experience of 17 years. Well versed with subject. The deep understanding of astrology and the innate talent enable her to bring her clients peace,prosperity,and success by bringing the fundamental astrology theories into actions.

Sundeep Kochar astrologer - 4. A complete analysis of the horoscope is carried out on the principles of classical texts on astrology. While going in for a complete horoscope analysis, native may ask for a specific aspect to be magnified or can ask unlimited questions. Sri Durga Jyothishalya astrologer - 4. Kirti Seth astrologer - 4.

I am an astrologer,vastu consultant. I am into this field from past 22 years, I have solved the problems of many clients ,with the help of my trans astral experience. I have my clients all over India and overseas also. For vastu ,I do travel to other parts of India and I have done many vastu projects.

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I am also into trans astral. Neel Chooksi Astro Divine Solution astrologer - 4. I am active in astrology field since last 20 years. Tips provides by Jyotishdham is very amazing and useful. With help Astrologer Sarbari Bhattacharjee astrologer - 4. I prepare horoscope with my own mathematical calculations. I can provide day to day readings along with specific astrological guidence. I can provide Astrology Training also. Vastu Consultancy astrologer - 4.

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Build a better life. Welcome to the world of vastu. Make your surroundings the better place to live in anytime everytime. Avail our meditational vastu consultancy services today! Mukesh Premji Maru. A Vastu Supreme. No Name astrologer - 4. Astrological guidance in career, compatibility with boss, co-worker, in-laws, life partner etc.

Shubhom Consultancy astrologer - 4. We are proud to introduce ourself as trusted organisation in the field of Vedic Vastu. We offer solutions to various concerns which improves health, wealth, carrier, prosperity and relations. Tarkshastra and signiture analysis are my additional fields of expertise.

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Pandit Varun Shastri astrologer - 8. Kundali reading, Financial prosperity, Gemstones Show more. Neelchooksi Astrodivine Solution astrologer - 4. Neel chooksi astrodivine is branded and popular name in astrology field.

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Neel chooksi is well qualified in occult science. Vedi Castro Service astrologer - We strive to utilize the traditional and profound knowledge of Vedic Astrology and convert its principles and rules into a more precise language which will help in interpreting and analysing the complete range of human emotions, happenings and experiences, which will thereby facilitate in giving the most apt and relevant life trends and suggestions.

Pillai Astrologer astrologer - 4. Aura Concept astrologer - 6. Vishwanath Sharma world renowned astrologer. Sharma is providing also online mantra, remedies, spirit dosh solution, Marriage problem Love or Arranged Family dispute, husband wife dispute, divorce dispute, Etc Kirticorp astrologer - 4. Predictions Astrogem Boutique astrologer - 4. Energy Matrix Astrology astrologer - 4. We are a diffrentiated Astrology service relying on scientific cures and analysis and give you a positive and uplifting reading of Horoscope Kundli.

Our goal is to help you discover your inner enegy and confidence and understand your best potential. Indieastro astrologer - 4. Astrology, Numerology, palmistry, gemstone selection, colour therapy, Feng shui consultation. We provide a one window solution for most of the astrological needs of our clients using traditional and modern tools and concepts of the vocation. Aastha Astrology astrologer - 4. I am Jyotishbhaskar, and I specialise in Horoscope Reading, mantra therapy, and all types of pooja path.

We provide Pandits, Match Making, kaal sharp dosha, Pitru dosha, navchandi yagna, Tantra Manta and yantra Karma, marriage problem, business problem, Videsh yatra, etc. Brahmandsiddhi Astro astrologer - Namaste, friends I am practicing vedic astrology professionally from 12 yrs. Give it a try for better understanding. Sarosh Kotval astrologer - 4. Patronized by intellectuals, eminent business magnates and celebrities. Truly scientific and professional approach. Experience of over 35 years. I beg to differ. Not all Nadi Jyotish Kendras are filled with frauds.

A couple of my close friends have gone to Tanjavur and gotten their readings done. It was absolutely authentic. However, the authentic ones are few and far between. Today, I had the misfortune of meeting with a large group of phonies. Murugesan seems to be the kingpin of this scam. His name is printed all over the place and all their stationary, This particular brand has several offices all over Mumbai.

To begin with, these charlatans made us write our DOBs and names as we gave our thumb impression.


We being first timers and not knowing the procedure properly went ahead and gave them this information. He frightened the living day lights out of me and my mother predicting a very dismal future for me. It was only after leaving that place I began feeling rather dumb and decided to do some research, when I found that we — my mother and I — were cheated big time!

They are complete charlatans. Dear Alieesha Thomass,I am from Tamilnadu. Mr Bajaj, There is one Nadi centre in panchkula. Hello manpreet.

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Guys Just be very very sure that when they start asking question for identifying your leaf after thumb impression, you should just say yes or no after a wait of 5 seconds. The identification is done on these kind of questions-. I am not doubting it but just try to give you a fair situation so that you come out of that meeting confidently.

Rgds Rajiv.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Seniors Astrology Mobile. Really unbelievable info they tell us just by seeing thumb impression. Thank you!

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  • Hi, Shri Agastya Mahashiva Jyotishnilayam Flat no 14 , Rishikesh dham 2 ,3rd floor ,Parihar chowk, Pune I had visited above Nadi center in Pune in and found them to be very accurate about the future predictions happened in , and ! Does anyone else have any feedback on them?