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Mars will be in a bad mood, however, and will set up obstacles — have faith. The final resolve should please you. Share innovative ideas. Brainstorm and be spontaneous. Others will hail you as a rock star. Creativity shines and, best of all, ideas will have practical application. Jupiter is within a half degree of the north node, so it should mark a happy time.

Pleasing, beautiful design improves lifestyle. Singles should circulate — you may meet someone new. An exciting vibration for you too. Pluto in conflict with Uranus. Saturn in hard angle to Neptune, but is trine Uranus. A mixed outlook, but Pluto should transform conditions in positive way. Beautiful accent on the spiritual, religious, intuitive, and creative elements of life. A highly philosophical vibration. Jupiter will enlarge all that Pluto brings to the table — vision and smarts. Profits should be at an all-time high.

Success in the wind! Emotion conflicts with those who over-analyze and overintellectualize. Each party will almost be speaking different languages. Or, treat yourself to a spa day. You will need rest. Those in the arts will do especially well.

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Do not sign a contract. However, Venus will be in good angle to transformative Pluto. Saturn to be in friendly angle to moon and Mars. Mixed outlook. You can maneuver things to your liking. Call your lawyer if necessary. New concepts will fall from the skies, showering you in their glow.

2017 is great for travel and romance, Sagittarius

Athletics, sports favored too. A perfect night to give up Saturn sweets Venus in favor of fresh fruit. Ask an older, more experienced person for advice to get an entrepreneurial idea off the ground. It may have global application. Venus enters Aries. Moon square Pluto, moon conjunct Uranus. Disruption of the status quo.

Confusing elements. Patience needed, much talk required to work out obstacles. Saturn trine Uranus suggests a favorable outcome can be reached in time. Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn mutable T-square. A procedure or policy at work may need to be changed. Authority figure may go the distance for you. April could be a very romantic weekend. See April 12 for reason why. Mars becomes stronger by August Avoid a new product launch, athletic competition, or ventures requiring a competitive edge. Not ideal to marry while Mars retrograde.

Money may be central matter of discussion. If artistic, you may now profit from what you created. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are all retrograde, so progress will take time.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

A phase of looking back and tweaking past projects. Mercury becomes stronger by June 7. This is the fifth planet to go retrograde lately. Progress is grinding to a halt. You do best when you go back to past projects to improve them. Even better: start in July after Mars is direct too. Mercury is retrograde, conjunct the new moon. A friendly new moon, but progress slow, with backtracking necessary. If you work in design or the arts, ideas will flow freely. Go back to projects you had put aside for lack of time or funding. Study past projects to improve this one.

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Your team will be eager to get things moving again, after feeling stuck. Still, with Mars retrograde until June 29, progress will be slow. Criticism might hurt others, so watch what you say. Earlier: August 3, , then March 23, , and today marks the end of this trend. Idealism and hope will be tempered by certain realities. Being objective and disciplined increases success. For romance, read for May 9. Romantic aspects will affect you this weekend.

You will feel this as soon as May 7.

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Hold off taking action for several days. Mercury to get stronger by June 7. Energy will be low and much will be demanded of you.

A Note from Susan Miller

Saturn opposes the new moon. Moon square Neptune, moon square Jupiter, moon conjunct Venus, moon sextile Uranus a little weak. Mercury and Venus in mutable reception. Communication must be clarified — not everyone will see things from same perspective. With Mercury and Venus positive, things will improve, but Saturn will make progress slow. Prepare for change. Send reminders.

This aspect is about realism versus fantasy. This will be the second and hardest meeting of these two major planets. The first was November 26, , and the next and final one will be September 10, Lots of excitement and enthusiasm. This is a positive full moon. Jupiter conjunct the north node. Uranus will play a big part in adding surprise, happy breakthroughs.

When these two planets are in configuration, it is a signature of great career success. Make a big initiation today, and sign papers. Great for writing, speaking, negotiating, presenting, editing, proofing, and working on new apps. Participation in social media shines. Mars will become stronger yet by August Moon opposes Pluto R. Moon sextile Jupiter. Moon conjunct Mercury. If you need to adjust to changes, do so, for it will be in your interest. Creative types will generate impressive ideas in coming weeks.

Jupiter will work with Pluto to make careerrelated decisions successful. Family, home will need more of you — look for someone to temporarily help with your workload.

Moon sextile Mars.