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As a result, two Aries usually have a lively, exciting time together. They are both unrelenting in nature and enjoy facing challenges. So it is only natural that they argue with each other a lot.

Aries is a fire sign, and like all other fire signs Aries have an unrestrained source of energy. And they seldom hold grudges against each other. They would rather move on to the next challenge. Just the same, at times, there could be a battle for dominance, which means that they might have to make compromises.

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The important thing for both Aries is to control their pride. Aries is a cardinal sign as well. Aries are skilled at initiating things, and seldom waste time on analysis or checking with each other before plunging themselves into something with all their energy. When they know what they want, they just go for it! Its spontaneous and lively nature is the most interesting aspect of a relationship between two Aries. There is little chance of either of them ever getting bored. Their plentiful combined energy, as well as their skills to settle their disputes, makes theirs an exciting, even though a fiery, friendship.

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Two Aries together is just a lot more fun and enthusiasm in any relationship they share. But since both are equally unstable deep inside, there can be some serious clashes. Except that they enjoy a refreshing and instant relationship. Aries have a prompt attraction that is envied by most people around. They are very generous and have sparks of devotion and loyalty. At times they can sound possessive and jealous but usually they love to maintain calmness in all the relations. Passion is the most dominating aspect of Aries people when they are in love with a person or an ambition.

Aries tend to be a bit impulsive in nature and exhibit a carefree side while all along, resisting boundaries and consequences. This is easily observed in their behavior. Aries can also find themselves easily taken advantage of and lack the cautious or suspicious behaviors that would prevent this.

They can be big spenders, but not always for themselves. They love to give and give big, which in turn seems to fulfill an internal need and ultimately brings them happiness. Some may find it easy to manipulate and take advantage of these generous givers, but a strong Aries never admits this. Combining two Aries in any relationship can be quite a show especially for someone on the outside looking in. Together, these two can create an enormous disaster or generate the most special and exciting moments.

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Some Aries relationships actually exhaust outsiders on an emotional or mental level. Aries always seem to find themselves the talk of the town for reasons being good, bad or both. Not many people can smooth over a disaster like an Aries with their ability to justify and show the good intentions of their behavior. They focus on the good and positive in people and always seem to be surrounded by people who agree with them.

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Aries steer clear cold, abrasive and judgmental people. When two Aries are together they are very tolerant of each others impulsive behaviors and imperfections, especially if both of them share the behaviors such as always running late or going overboard during holiday shopping.

Aries also have a way with words and love to draw people in — especially another Aries in. These two are straightforward about everything. Each person in this association embraces the trust of the other and never takes advantage of each other. They provide warm understanding and care for when the other is treated badly. Eventually, there may be moments of disillusion in their lives dealing with business and romance. With any relationship, tempers are going to flair.

What makes this relationship so unique is that one must allow the other to leave an argument with their integrity or pride intact. This is very important when dealing with Aries. And as soon as the dust settles, these two tend to forget all the fuss and make up in extraordinary fashion. Two Aries together have great and exciting relationships. They are like minded and pleasure seeking people who love to enjoy every aspect of life and hence make a compatible pair in all the ways.

As siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives, they are generous, easy going and fun loving partners who support each other in every possible way and make up for all the moments. In commercial venture, they make good success but since they both lack in sense of money they may have to face debts and so this field is not an appropriate one for these two to be in together. While this is the case, you'll still find friendships in other earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn.

When it comes to a maybe it will work, maybe it won't friendship, that would be Scorpio.

Aries and Aries Compatibility

When it comes to friendships, Gemini, your ability to adapt gives you the chance to have connections with more than a few zodiac signs. Sagittarius will either complement or clash with you, but you'll both naturally deal with each other in small doses. But where you sort of, well, suck as a friend is your need for a good time all the time. According to Mckean, this could lead you to canceling plans if something better and more exciting comes along.

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  • Cancers may be sensitive, but sometimes they're a bit shy about opening up and really letting their feelings show. Mckean suggests reminding yourself, Cancer, that that's what friend are for — to be there for you. Also, your fellow water signs are right there with you in understanding your sensitivity. While you might hit it off with a Capricorn, they won't understand your changing moods and that might hurt your feelings.

    Cancer, it's normal to be emotional and have feelings. So if a friend can't handle that part of you, let them go Ultimately, Leo is looking for friends who enhance all the things they think are so great about themselves.

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    But fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius are right there to deliver. Capricorn's pragmatism aligns well with yours. With your careful approach and tendency to look before you leap, you'll get along well with Cancer and Scorpio as they do the same. Where you might find an issue, Virgo, will be in Pisces, as they're the polar opposite of you on the zodiac.

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    • But that doesn't mean you should run out and ditch every Pisces you know. It means your friendship might require more work than your other friendships. Even if there isn't a friendship connection, Libras really enjoy being liked by everyone — even if they don't necessarily like that person back. But when it does come to their friends, they're great communicators because they're ruled by Venus. Though they'll get along with Aries